Our Foundation Fundamentals

People, System and Knowledge


Foundation Fundamentals

Since the inception of dr.CAFE COFFEE, we persistently uphold the effectiveness and efficiently to strengthen our Foundation Fundamental (People, System and Knowledge). These 3 pillars serve as core elements to guide the business practices in accordance to corporate values and principles while focusing on the synergy and alliances among all resources to maintain the stability along the pathway to attain our long-term goals and vision.

The consistency to maintain sound Foundation Fundamental since the starting of the company has led dr.CAFE COFFEE to progressively grow to be the iconic entity in the region. The essential roles of Foundation Fundamental have embedded in our daily activities. In fact, we are confident that we are ready to capture any opportunities arise in the market and capitalize it into a strength in the company's portfolio.Moreover, whenever unfavorable situations and circumstances occur, the negative impact will affect the company at a minimal degree.


We established this great company by selecting and developing great people. We believe that our Triple H philosophy: Head, Heart, and Hand will bring out the best of every single person dr.CAFE COFFEE.

Our people will play a significant role to turn the wheel of the company and take the responsibility in our challenging journey to pursue our vision, mission and goals.


We learned from our business experience, gained the knowledge from our hands-on practices, listened to our guest's feedback, and shared the passion with our people and business partners.

This is the way we build up our company; we collect every valuable and beneficial lesson piece by piece along the way and inject it into our system.


We are passionate to share and transfer valuable knowledge among our people. Learning is a part of our system & culture to expand our capacity and to shape all team members mindset on the right track.

Knowledge has laid down a solid foundation for everybody to grow progressively. We take pride in our in-depth knowledge of the coffee world, market trends & changes, business management, as well as the latest technology & information available.